Burst Pipes

Burst Pipes Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are a very common occurrence in many homes. We know this, due to the amount of burst pipes we have had to fix in Durban and surrounding areas. The age of your pipes as well as the pressure within your area can all play a role in the result of your pipes bursting.
Should you be one of many to experience this accordance, we recommend that you immediately switch off your water main to avoid any damage to your property. The next step would be to contact Plumbers Durban. You may do so any time of day or night as we have a highly skilled team of emergency plumbers on board in all areas in Durban and surrounding areas who are fully trained in such incidents. Our qualified plumbers will not only ensure that the job is done properly and with no damage to your property, but they will leave the areas in which they work clean.

Some of the causes of burst pipes are:

Old and degraded pipes
Weak parts or links in your pipes
Water Pressure in your area
Weather conditions
Poor Pipe Protection