Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

If you are experiencing problems with blocked drains, give us a call. We have a highly skilled team with years’ of experience behind them in both commercial and domestic drainage systems. With their knowledge and expertise, they can detect the issue causing the blocked drain and provide you with a direct approach at solving you blocked drain problem.

We carry with us a wide range of tools to make identifying the source of the blocked drain quickly. Tools such as CCTV especially used for drain inspections. Being able to quickly identify the cause of the blocked drain enables us to come up with a solution that is both reliable and cost effective. We don’t just unblock drain, we also see to the following:

Industrial Waste Outlets, sewers, gutters, cesspits, sinks, downpipes and storm drains.

blocked drains

Effective Blocked Drain Methods

We understand how much of an annoyance a blocked drain, sink, backed up toilet or overflowing drains can be. The smell that often follows is extremely unpleasant which is why we utilize a potent chemical concoction which removes all the nasty grime and dirt which has built up allowing smooth flow and movement as if it were new. Not only does our chemical remove all the nasty grime that has built up, but it will also remove and kill bacteria as well as any bad odour as a result of the blocked drainage system.

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Blocked Drain – Quick Response Time

As with all of the services we offer, we understand that problems such as blocked drains, burst pipes or flooding, needs to be addressed to as soon as possible. Therefore, our team of drain blockers are on call 24/7 and are all very geographically knowledgeable enabling them to get to your premises in no time.

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